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New Year Resolutions: Increasing Chances Of Making Them Work

New Year Resolutions: Increasing your chances of making them work It’s that time of year again when one calendar year flows into the next. It appears to be a good opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It’s been a tradition since ancient Roman times to make resolutions for the New Year. People [...]

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Your Perfect Cup of Chai

Chai is the word used to describe tea brewed with spices which is very popular in Northern India. The word chai brings up so many pleasant associations for those who have tasted this delicious brew. It is such an integral part of Indian culture and is offered to anyone visiting your home. It is customary to [...]

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I Can Forgive But I Can’t Forget!

People make this statement over and over again. What is forgiveness and why is it so difficult for us? We are aware that the intense anger and feelings of injustice keep us trapped. Yet, we cannot let them go. These feelings take over our life and relationships but we can’t see beyond them. It appears [...]

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Changing Our Perception of Stress

STRESS is a word we commonly use to describe our state of being. It is part of our daily conversations and the very fabric of our lives. We have come a long way in our understanding of stress. Hans Selye introduced us to the fight or flight definition of stress. There has been so much [...]

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My Quest for Bliss

The Webster dictionary defines bliss as “great joy of happiness, spiritual joy.”  Like all good seekers of things beyond the ordinary, I am always looking for the holy grail so to speak. Whatever that may mean to different people.  One of my eminent teachers Tom Kenyon mentioned this ascended civilization on Venus where their worst [...]

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I have immense gratitude for all sentient beings that have touched my life. From all dimensions of my heart I wish to express my immense gratitude to all the clients over the years. You placed your trust in me and taught me to love what I do even more with each passing moment. As we [...]

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