My Quest for Bliss

//My Quest for Bliss

My Quest for Bliss

The Webster dictionary defines bliss as “great joy of happiness, spiritual joy.”  Like all good seekers of things beyond the ordinary, I am always looking for the holy grail so to speak. Whatever that may mean to different people.  One of my eminent teachers Tom Kenyon mentioned this ascended civilization on Venus where their worst emotional state is Bliss.  I personally cannot confirm or deny that but am very intrigued by the concept.  You mean there is something beyond bliss, and more importantly how do I get there.  I thought achieving  and maintaining the emotional state of bliss was an elusive goal in itself.

Channeling my internal Indiana Jones (I actually own a Fedora hat), I invite you to come with me as I venture out to explore the magic and mystery of being human and living on this beautiful planet we call earth.

I guess I’ll always be exploring.  I find that the deeper I delve into something the more complex and mysterious it becomes.  It seems that the layers we peel off are never ending.  I miss the days of my youth, when like any young person I was very confident in what I knew.  I thought I had a great formula for dealing with people and the situations that presented themselves.  Now I feel that I know so little, and my sense of knowing changes from day-to-day and moment to moment.  The most challenging of course, are the things I think I have a handle on.  So I find that it is very liberating to say, “I don’t have a clue.”  That allows me to shed all the dogma programmed into me and start fresh with the innocence of a child.  Yes children have this purity about seeking knowledge until the adults in their life program the heck out it.

As we look up at the stars that shine and wonder what lies beyond our world and how to get there.  The most amazing thing is that our mind and consciousness do not require a spaceship or time machine for exploration.  The greatest geniuses we know dared to think outside the box and cultivated their fertile imagination.  They also seemed to have stumbled upon other information, not easily digested by most of us, when they attempted to go where no human being has gone before.  Courage to be different is a virtue they possessed.

When we don’t have a documented explanation for something we simply refer to it as a miracle.  I’m always curious about how people do what they do.  All the subtle nuances of being human. This curiosity led me on the path to become a psychologist.  Now I can ask people from all walks of life about their circumstances.  Mainly, how they find themselves stuck and how they unstick themselves.  Wow!!!!! I get to do this for a living.

We don’t have to be content with just exploring outer space.  How about exploring the space in our own mind and body.  I like to explore with the intention of just enjoying the journey. It always turns out to be a great learning experience.  As I get to what I thought was my original destination, I find so many different directions I can take.  Each providing surprises, pleasant or unpleasant, depending on my point of view.  At a minimum more knowledge and a deeper understanding of our emotional processes.

I invite you to come with me on this beautiful journey.  There are some rough spots and some gentle, nourishing pastures.  Yes, some days we want things to be uncomplicated but really isn’t one important part of bliss the liberation from ourselves.  From life as we know it. The freedom from prisons we keep our minds confined in for life-term sentences.  There are so many other aspects of bliss  I have yet to explore.  Nowadays, it seems that the more I learn about something, the more I realize how incomplete my knowledge base really is.  As recent as 10-15 years ago, could we even imagine owning a smartphone.  I want some people to volunteer, to dare to dream that what we think is impossible in our day-to-day living is really possible.

I definitely plan on keeping my mind/brain agile and limber until my exit from this planet.  If this involves taking a leap of faith,  I am willing. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to possibly find something beyond bliss?

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