Changing Our Perception of Stress

//Changing Our Perception of Stress

Changing Our Perception of Stress

STRESS is a word we commonly use to describe our state of being. It is part of our daily conversations and the very fabric of our lives. We have come a long way in our understanding of stress. Hans Selye introduced us to the fight or flight definition of stress. There has been so much research on stress over the years. The common denominator was that stress resulted in harm. We all bought into this belief.

So much has been published on strategies to manage stress. We experienced even more guilt over the years, because we did not keep up with our stress management. Many health conscious people got caught up in the idea that they were preventing harm to themselves by trying to avoid stress, something that is an integral part of our lives. We also tried to change our attitude towards stress with some benefit.

In the following video, Dr. Kelly McGonigal discusses changing our belief about the harmfulness of stress. We tend to be creatures of habit and struggle with changes in our belief system. However, even small changes in our perception of various situations can have long term benefits on our emotional and physical health. It is also beneficial to be aware of other beliefs we carry in various areas of our lives. These include the harmfulness of food, supplements, animals, exercises, and so on. Evaluating our beliefs of harm vs good are worth considering.

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