I Can Forgive But I Can’t Forget!

//I Can Forgive But I Can’t Forget!

I Can Forgive But I Can’t Forget!


People make this statement over and over again. What is forgiveness and why is it so difficult for us? We are aware that the intense anger and feelings of injustice keep us trapped. Yet, we cannot let them go. These feelings take over our life and relationships but we can’t see beyond them. It appears that forgiveness is a very emotionally charged word for us. Dr. Fred Luskin is researching forgiveness at Stanford University. He has determined that: Forgiveness is not about forgetting that something painful happened or excusing bad behaviour. Neither is it about reconciling with the person or pardoning them so they don’t face the consequences of their behaviour. Forgiveness is about acknowledging your pain, grieving your circumstances, and taking back your power. This prevents you from becoming a victim and decreases the toll these intense negative emotions have on your physical and mental health. Here is a good introductory video on forgiveness. I would recommend reading his books if you enjoy reading.

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