I have immense gratitude for all sentient beings that have touched my life.

From all dimensions of my heart I wish to express my immense gratitude to all the clients over the years. You placed your trust in me and taught me to love what I do even more with each passing moment. As we traversed this arduous journey together you helped me open my mind and heart. Some of your life stories were about unimaginable things. I could not believe that one human being could do that to another. You helped me learn about the complexities of human nature and experience a wide range of emotions I had not done in my personal life. You taught me about feeling trapped, suffering, sadness, resilience, courage, strength, laughter, joy, and so much more. You chose to share a small but significant part of life’s journey with me. You taught me compassion and made me a more emotionally rounded person. You also taught me that change is possible even when one human being listens compassionately to another, who is accessing and learning to master the deeper darker emotions that I had not dared to experience before. Vicariously you greatly enriched my life. I honor your courage to be able to live through your difficulties and continue living with the challenges you have. I wept with you, laughed, and celebrated your joy, and successes with you. Most of all I learned how challenging it is to release judgement.

To all my professors and teachers in formal academic and informal settings who gave me the confidence to think outside the box. To all my teachers in the plant and animal kingdom. You taught me important lessons in tolerance. I realized that I do not have to fear you just because you look and move in ways that are so unfamiliar to me. You experience the world in ways I do not fully understand as yet. It’s true that we do not have a common spoken language. We can still learn from each other and explore other forms of communication. A big applause to all the dogs who taught me about unconditional love.

To all the unseen beings who live in different dimensions, my friends in high places. Thank you for teaching me the lesson of trust. When I trust, everything in my life is orchestrated so beautifully in ways that I cannot imagine possible. It is truly magical and always make me chuckle, even though miracles for me are an everyday occurrence.

To may parents, for creating the necessary environment and experiences for my optimal growth. To my loving big brothers and their great families. Thank you for being so solid and standing by me during my difficult times. You even indulge my eccentric ways.

To all those who will appear in the future to further enrich my life, I give thanks. A very big thank you to all those that made me very uncomfortable, experience negative emotions and thoughts. Of course at that time I questioned and sometimes resented your presence in my life. You truly taught me the importance of mastering the darker emotions.

To my amazing Jacinth. Thank you for creating this beautiful website that allows me to communicate with my fellow human beings all over the world.

I couldn’t have become who I am without all of you being present in my life in one way or another. Thanks for coming along.

Isn’t life grand when all sentient beings can appreciate, love, honor, respect, and nurture one another.


Choosing to live in a state of love, appreciation, forgiveness, and gratitude.

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